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Other M: A View on Samus' Character

Other M does a great characterization of Samus Aran. There I said it. You may flame me now. But if you are interested to see why I say that, I will try to elaborate a little. Caution I will use spoilers. And also, while I didnít dislike t...


Teh Bias: A Good Thing

"This review is BIASED!!!!" how many times have we not read a comment like that. When done in a serious tone it often, if not always, has negative connotations. It means that the reviewer has something like a "grudge" against that specific ...


A World of Symbols

Not long ago I was visiting Egypt. I was in awe. Nothing you see in photographs, films, documentaries or whatever medium compares to actually being there. And one of the things I loved was watching the iconography. The hieratic figures of...


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