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Conjecture: Mass Effect 2 > 1

The great debate got me thinking about Mass Effect... as if I weren't already, heh. I liked Mass Effect 2 more than 1, but I liked the first one, too. What did the second one do better? I'm glad you (I) asked!

The Mako

Does anybody have fond memories of the Mako? Having to drive that thing was like getting teeth pulled. Yes, I was able to manage. I racked up plenty of totally random loot from planets across the galaxy. But getting that thing to go over various hills and cliffs was not only totally boring, but also way harder than it needed to be.

Mass Effect 2 made sure that almost all the side missions you go on are memorable and unique, especially with the inclusion of good dialog and decisions, which is my favorite part of the game.

On the other hand, I kind of miss the sense of being able to stumble upon missions on random planets in the middle of nowhere. There could have been more spice to that. It doesn't matter if you have a huge number of planets if most of them have nothing going on.
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