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Fan Script - Ratchet and Clank: All or Nothing [Part 11 of ???]

And on and on and on....

Drama increases slowly yet surely....

In this chapter, I introduce the MONTAGE, which is usually formatted like indicated below. It's like your typical 80s montage, where some sort of music usually plays while shots go by that indicate a bit of time passing.

So enjoy!


Part 10 is here.


The interior of the Discovery is large and expansive, yet surprisingly cozy, similar to an upscale, posh office. White walls and floors lead to several automatic doors, opening to clean living quarters, bathrooms, a kitchen, an exercise room, a dining area, and even a living room with a large screen TV and a device that resembles a gaming system.

One of the rooms resembles a boardroom, complete with a huge table and several chairs. In the center is a large, round device. The entire crew of Ratchet, Clank, Angela, Sasha, Captain Qwark, Skidd, Big Al, and Helga are seated. Sassha speaks while pointing at the central device. It turns on and displays a hologram of a schematic of a stadium.

The energy is positive, but unenthusiastic. Ratchet, in particular, looks very distracted.

This is a schematic of the MegaRumble Games' Stadium. Knowing Drek, all entrances should be well guarded and all windows and extraneous entrances will, at the very least be under surveillance or armed with some sort of deadly motion sensor.

That sounds… er, deadly.

We have about twenty-four hours before we reach in range of the Bogon Galaxy. I suggest we spend the time planning a detailed method of infiltration. Al here can take care of the security systems.

This place uses Ultimate Alpha-Omega one-thousand-twenty-four bit encryption. This is some serious security you guys. I can infiltrate it, but I'll be traced and shut down within minutes. You'll have to work fast, or…

Al traces an index finger across his neck. Qwark gulps.

Bah! Decapitation is so overrated. We need to simply join the MegaRumble ranks and fight our way through. Or, which I prefer, just burst in and kick some butt!

I have serious reservations about a direct assault—

The stealth approach is way too polarizing. Sounds to me like we either succeed, or fail and die. Am I right, Al?

Big Al takes a deep breath and nods.


We all don't have stealth skills, but we all can kick some tail, so fighting our way in seems the best option.

Hardly. I think we're seriously underestimating the sheer number of forces we'll be up against. Sneaking in is risky, but doable. Besides, I would think the experienced thief would know how to sneak into a few places.

Since you're being a wise Alec, I actually broke in and fought my way to steal it. You know what happens when you assume, Sass-sha? [Note: Angela pronounces it so it rhymes with "grass-a," emphasizing the "ass" part.]

Since no one really cares what a former criminal-turned-witch thinks—


-- let's take it to a vote. Al?

I have no doubt that I am fully capable of going up against a network that will give my superior intellect a worthy challenge!

Bah! This is child's play. Fighting off thousands of weaklings should be no match for us, especially when I put you all through my expertise-training program!

Honey, dear, I don't think we have the time for something like that…

Hmmph! It would take three hours! Tops! Besides, no one would want to listen to you talk nerd!

That's two and two. Clank?

I would prefer the infiltration option. Qwark?

Qwark is doodling something on a napkin.

Uh, would I have to do stuff for the stealth thing?

Uh, yes, but---

Fight my way in.

On the napkin, he doodles the entire crew fighting a huge number of creatures, with a doodle of himself way in the far distance. He laughs to himself.

Well, that's three and three. Skidd?

Skidd munches on nachos.

Whatever, dude!

Sasha and Angela just stare at Skidd as he eats. They roll their eyes and look to the Lombax.

Well, Ratchet?

What do you think?

Ratchet, all this time, has been deep in thought, clearly distracting by something. He seems completely unaware that a conversation was even going on.

He looks at each person in the room, a serious, slightly worried expression on his face.

I think we should call it a night. Get some rest tonight.

Top bunk dibs!

Skidd sprints out the room.

CAPTAIN QWARK (stretching)
Whoo! Hard work today guys, good job!

Qwark shuffles out the room, too.

Ratchet, we need a vote!

We need to plan, no matter what we choose.

A democratic decision is required or the system is no good, Ratchet.

Well, it's no good today. We've been through a lot. We should rest. Just for a few hours. I promise I'll make my decision then.

He jumps off his chair and shuffles out the room.

Ratchet, wait!

Clank runs after him. There is a moment of silence.

I'm hungry. Let's get some food.

Right behind you, snookums.

They exit the room together, leaving the two ladies alone together. They look very, very confused.

As Ratchet walks down the hallways, Clank tugs a bit on his tail.

What seems to be the matter?

It's nothing, Clank. I just need to lie down for a bit. I think.

Ratchet, we have been doing this for a while, so my sensors are finely tuned to indicate distress within the Lombax body language.

Ratchet blinks confusedly at Clank.

I can tell you are upset.

Oh. Well, I'm just not feeling well. I'm fine, Clank. I really am.

Ratchet slides into his room, the automatic doors closing behind him. Clank can only watch those doors close.


-- Ratchet wanders the ship halls. The lights are dimmed. The blackness of space passes outside the windows

-- He wanders past the living quarters. Qwark is fast asleep, snoring very, very loudly. Skidd, on the top bed, is watching something on a mini-TV device. He clearly is enjoying it.

-- He wanders past the dinner. Al and Helga are asleep on the table, arms wrapped around each other. Food crumbs and dirty plates surround them.

-- He wanders through a section of hallway where, in the distance, he sees Angela, perched on a windowsill, staring forlornly into distant space silently.

-- He then walks by another section of the hallway and sees Sasha leaning against a door, looking sadly at a picture of her father.

-- He walks back to his room, seeing his Omniwrench lying on his bed.


Sasha whistles loudly and wakes a sleeping Qwark. He jolts up and bumps his head against the bed above him.


C'mon, Qwark, we need to plan our attack now.


A saddened Qwark follows Sasha. They head into the meeting room from earlier, where Al, Helga, and Skidd wait patiently, if all a bit tired.

Angela walks in, concerned.

Is Ratchet back?

No, wasn't he in his room?

No dice.

Ooo, maybe he got a head start in the exercise room, ya?


They turn to see the small robot standing outside the doorway.

You all will need to see this.
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