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About kittygirl2kone of us since 3:13 PM on 02.21.2012

It is rumored that sometimes... I play games.
I've owned nearly every US released console at sometime in my life. I will play anything as long as it is...
1. Good
2. Not a FPS
Everything else is fair game (see what I did there?)
I get excited when new consoles come out, and treat launch days like holidays.
Some of my favorite games are (and certainly not limited to): Diablo 2, Solomon's Key, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Cloudy Mountain, Secret of Mana, River Raid, SSX 3, Majesty, Pop Cutie, The World Ends With You, Dungeon Defenders, Tetris, Zelda 3, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Arcus Odyssey, Mrs. Pacman, Eden, Final Fantasy XII, Rygar, Animal Crossing, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series, Magical Drop, Lunar: The Silver Star Story, Dragon Force, Castlevania: SOTN... I could go on and on...