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BioShock, for those who have finished.. (spoilers)

I personally hate to have stories ruined by spoilers, so please don't read this if you haven't finished the game. I don't want to ruin it for you.


Wow. So, I don't know how much longer this game is, but I just finished the section where (Spoiler, Andrew Ryan conclusion?):


You kill Andrew Ryan, and learn the true identity of Atlas...

I have quite a few thoughts on this, but I just got back from the bar and I don't know how long I can remember them all. So in a nutshell:

First, I'm sure a lot of people had a feeling from the beginning that Atlas was a creepstation. You could just tell.. I mean, if I'm on a plane that crashes into the ocean, and the first communication I have with another human (after surviving the damn crash) is a conversation that leads to me being baited into saving someone's family... you know theres an issue. I'm concerned with my own safety, not some stranger's family. Atlas was a self-absorbed, manipulative S.O.B. in my opinion from the very beginning. Which brings me to my next thought:
I am srsly pissed that I had to kill Andrew Ryan. My thoughts on Ryan: This is a dude that has his shit together. If he were real, he'd be my idol. Sick as hell that Andrew Ryan was. I knew I would have to kill him, he tried to kill me numerous times. But it bothered me more than anything else in the game. Sucking the life out of little sisters? No problem. Ringing their dirty, scrawny necks? My pleasure. I harvested each one.
But killing the man himself, Andrew Ryan, my hero? Ouch. I wanted him to live so we could down a few bottles together. I wanted to laugh and dream with the man. The lord of the underworld.
And what really sucked is I knew the whole time I was being played by that phony Atlas. Eff his family and eff him!!! Man, I'm sooo pissed. I wanna kill his ass.
Also, for those who listened to all the diaries, did that tip you off to Atlas being Fontaine? Fontaine's demise was never spoken of, and he was obviously Ryan's arch enemy, so I wasn't exactly surprised that he was behind it.
Knowing that Atlas was Fontaine, another man worthy of admiration, makes me not hate Atlas quite so much. He was a boss too, and thus, worthy of respect.

Ok, I've sidetracked myself enough that I can't remember my other thoughts. It was an awesome game, that's for sure. Good story. I'm off to search Suchong's apartment.

Any thoughts, agreements or disagreements? Does anyone dislike Ryan, and if so, please tell me how.

Pz Kit
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