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The Start of the Affair: Super Metroid

A lot of people regard Super Metroid as the best Metroid game of all time. I am one of those people. This is the game that made me fall in love with gaming.

It's 1993. I'm 6 years old. My older brother borrows a friend's Super Nintendo and two games: Super Mario World and Super Metroid. He says that Super Metroid is pretty much brand new and that his friend already beat it. After watching my brother play for a while, I wanted to play it for myself. My brother wouldn't let me play it until he beat it. After two weeks of begging, he finally finished it and handed the controller to me.

I came from a financially unstable family, so I didn't have any game systems before that. It was the first time I ever held a controller.

I turned on the power, started a new file, and from the first time I saw Samus inside the Space Station, I knew I was about to play something amazing. I played the game for hours on end. I ran around everywhere, sometimes several times to make sure that I found everything and killed every single "monster." It being my first game, I had a lot of trouble getting through it, and it took me a long time, but I never got mad or upset. I just kept playing.

After a few weeks of very little sleep and countless Game Over screens, I arrived at the Mother Brain fight.My brother kept telling me that I would need his help and that I should let him do it, but I never did. I wanted to beat my first-ever videogame myself. After an entire day with no sleep, I finished the game, escape and all.

From that day on, I was hooked to games. I was sad, though, because after that, my brother gave the system back to his friend, and I was left with nothing. This was in the middle of summer....July, I think. Anyway, I was very sad, and the rest of my summer was extremely boring, because I couldn't play any more games. It sucked. I found a new love, but I couldn't be with it.

Christmas that year was life-changing. I only got two presents: A Super Nintendo and my own copy of Super Metroid. It was all mine. My parents told me that they had been saving up all of their money since they saw me playing during the summer to get it for me. I immediately had them help me set it up and I began playing through that amazing game again.

After that, the $2 allowance i got every week for candy and soda was saved up for a new game. My first new game was Final Fantasy IV (II back in the day), and from then on, I was a gamer.
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