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king3vbo's Game Music Heroes - Episode 1


Well, being the music aficionado that I am, I've decided to start writing a series of blogs about the people behind the music of video games. I believe that music in games is so incredibly important, and I just wanted to talk about some of my favorite game music and the composers behind the win.

So if your going to talk about awesome game music, then you have to start with the king of it all. Thats right, mother fucking Nobuo Uematsu. Uematsu is best known for creating the music to all of the Final Fantasy games. He also has written music for other games, like Blue Dragon, Chrono Trigger, and Front Mission: Gun Hazard. Now, I have to admit, I am a total Final Fantasy-tard, and a big reason for that is because of the music in those games. Uematsu has the ability to write music that fits so well with what is going on in the game. He can accentuate the emotions of the story through the music, which is an amazing feat.

Many gamers will agree with me that the music that Uematsu has written is easily recognizable and, quite honestly, made of win. I mean, everyone knows the fighting music from FFVII... GOSH! And if you're still not convinced that Nobuo Uematsu is freaking made of win, then I have three words for you:


I think the video speaks for itself. But in case you have never heard of the Black Mages, look them up here
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