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About kidvid666one of us since 2:34 PM on 07.29.2009

I am me my toes will eat u and wiggle all over ur corpse! Maw ahahahahhh!


Hello,greetings,& salutations,
(Tips hat ever so gently to the right)

I am roger vega aka kidvid666.
(Owner of the Sega Pluto)
I am making a valid attempt to start blogging a bit here on Dtoid. So bear with me if i rant,rave & ramble on and on. I am an avid collector of "retro video games" Including but not limited too: Nes, Snes, N64, Gc/Sega genesis, Sega saturn, Sega cd, Sega dreamcast, etc. I tend to frequent various Thrift stores,Flea markets,Yard sales,& the dreaded Craigslist. (for those faint of hearts, let it be know i've never been robbed,rapped or murdered as of this writing via the CL)
*Also i apologize up front for all the lists i just think in lists.*
Anyway i am making this attempt to write because i play a lot of games and id like to let people know what games i fancy and which ones i dont and why. I love reading other peoples thoughts & opinions on games so i hope you enjoy reading mine. And if you don't tell me why or why not im open to honest criticism as long as its sincere and tactful not just "your gay" & "we hate your dogs" etc. So on with this blog experiment i suppose?