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Why people hate the Oculus aquisition by Facebook

(this is a repost from my own personal blog, but I felt like sharing it with the community as to see if I'm alone in this)

It is the inevitable discussion of the week, perhaps even of the month, as most people know by now Facebook has acquired the Oculus Rift company and this not only shocked people, but also brought disgust to many. The official Reddit of Oculus was on fire yesterday as Palmer Luckey went on the social site to try and calm the fire that was set but only making it much worse. But I think the question on almost everyone's head is: "Why do we hate Facebook so much?"

And yes, I am one of those people who hate Facebook and all it stands for with a fiery passion, but at least I have my own reasons - which admittedly are many - and I think that in all my reasons I may be able to rationalize the events that are now unfolding.

Zuckerberg isn't trustworthy and there's enough proof of such: We're talking about the same guy who calls people who trust him "dumb fucks" and yet, we're supposed to trust this guy with our info, our moments and parts of our lives? Why would we?

Facebook's shady policies: Did you know that Facebook keeps all your data even if you delete your account? Most of you surely do and you most likely know why. Which also means you stand for it and tolerate it but that still doesn't mean that it's okay. Twitter for example (the second biggest networking site on the internet, probably) retains your info for 30 days after deleting your account, in case you might want to go back, but permanently deletes everything after that period. Did you also know Twitter allows you to download your entire history in a easy to consult format? But all this talk of Facebook shady policies brings me to my third point.

How Facebook makes money: Yes, this is a known fact for a while though I doubt people are aware of it as they should. Facebook is as much of a social networking site, as they are mercenaries selling your information for the highest bidders. They allow companies to download your information - in convenient torrent format no less which you can also get here. Why not trust Zuckerberg indeed.

There are many other reasons to detest Facebook for all it's done for the way we interact with each other, destroying the meaning of the word friend. However, I am not even going into such a more personal discussion and am now going to focus on why gamers distrust and are disappointed (so much as to call Palmer Luckey a "sell out") by this acquisition for other reasons as well:

The social gaming media boom: Before the smartphone gaming boom of making a game and then copying its formula over and over again and milk it dry along with possible customers with IAPs that even infected the more mainstream gaming titles, there was the social media gaming boom and the monster that spawned and died with it: Zynga. Gamers hate Zynga and all it stood/stands for and as well they should. A company that once said that they didn't want innovation and tried to justify and rationalize their cloning game strategy. We also saw many franchises cash in and trying to scam (like Zynga did) players by bringing games such as Dragon Age and Final Fantasy to Facebook. What an amazing thing that was for gamers.

Facebook isn't a gaming company: I remember when I saw the Oculus Rift Kickstarter, I thought to myself: "This is an amazing thing for gaming and how it can bring experiences to a whole new level". It was originally meant to be a gaming device, by gamers for gamers. Guess what it won't be now. As developers are already pulling support for the device for the simple fact it is now connected to Facebook, to say the reactions have been mixed is an understatement.

Rift wasn't just a gadget, it was a dream: Oculus for many was a stand against the monolithic corporations that rule technology nowadays and a banner in showing that good people with great ideas can still succeed in this world. For those people, the dream is over.

Zuckerberg already thinking about how to monetize and integrate Oculus into his Facebook "strategies": Ain't this a kick in the nuts.

I won't go into much more detail into why people are so up and in arms about this piece of news, but yeah, we live in a world in which Mark Zuckerberg got his hands on one of the most amazing pieces of tech in the last decade. Greed is good.

(I decided to remove formatting like bullet points because Destructoid's blog system was showing it in HTML code instead of actual stuff. Sorry if it makes the blog harder to read:()
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