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I keep having dreams of places between house of leaves, and a wrinkle in time


My first celebrity crush on the left, not a bad substitute on the right


Onward is great, and well worth the 20 bucks, do it


I was told by a yoot today that they wanted to be as woke as me... Truly the world is turned upsidedown


Was talking to my 70+ parents today, and I said the world felt weird,they agreed. I said the closest I could compare it to was right after 911. I asked them if they ever felt this another time before that, they said no


It's late at night, everyone in the world is asleep, crickets are chirping, I think of my grandmother's kitchen


Got an extra PC key, anyone want it? I'll message the first person who asks in the comments


Started listening to it again, so good http://feeds.feedburner.com/HuntTheTruth


A very old friend sent me these Can't wait to dig into them!


I hope you enjoy your sandwich on your special day


Let's cut the BS, and get to the real problem. We get NINE Saw movies, NINE!!!, but only two Ghost Rider movies. Where is the justice, where...


Confessiontoid: by far, my most played game of 2019 is a FTP gatcha mobile game...


Got caught up this morning, and can't stop thinking about it...


I watched Doom Annihilation, and I didn't hate myself in the morning. Surprisingly enjoyable, decent set design, and I genuinely hope there is a sequel


Surprised no one has been excited about this around here...


I'd like to take a moment to thank Fatal Fury 2 for boob physics


Not a great pic, but maybe will help save bong


I had a dream I met Sartre, and took a selfie with him. I was then told I shouldn't tell anyone I met him, because he was dead, and I time traveled to meet him, and that would raise questions


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