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Very tempted by the I am Setsuna eshops sale, 50% off makes it $20 Any thoughts?


Big Trouble in Little China is the best movie ever made. If you don't agree, please feel free to explain why you are wrong in the comments


I just upvoted a comment that was made over a year ago. Am I Upvotebot? I'm, so confused...


Such an awesome movie, too bad they never made anymore sequels...


Caught a glimpse of shadow from my zipper today, and for a half second I thought anti aliasing had been turned off


Finally got a chance to finish the campaign of Titanfall 2. I must admit, that was a lot of fun


Intergalactic women's day today right? Not sure the last time I read game informer, but that is some sweet cover art. Also, I wonder what Nintendo has planned for E3...


Things I can't be bothered to complain about


Favorite part of the whole movie. Love this flick!


I just wanted to thank Occams for helping me that time I got hooked on phonics


Another month, already? Didn't we just go through one of those? I'm over it


Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, permission friendly, safe call blocking app for Android? It doesn't have to be free either I am over these prefix spoofing scam calls


Got some heavy shit off my back today, enjoying some well deserved whiskey


I want to live between episodes 23, and 24


I'm full of lies, I only tell truths, I believe something different


Streamers, remember, don't cross, unless gozer, then always cross


We all know the real reason for today's excitement. The Kitten Bowl!


If you like the Ghostbusters, or 80s cartoons, be sure to check out the real Ghostbusters cartoon on Netflix, it's the best!


I drink more by 9am than most people do all day


I have it on good authority that Wes is a well known burrito aficionado, and doesn't actually like tacos. He only says he does to maintain appearances


I would have liked to have met Alan Rickman, such a beautiful bastard


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