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Making Mega Man 9 even more Nostalgic

So after reading how you are going to be able to turn on old-school flicker and glitches in Mega Man 9 purely for nostalgic effect, I came up with some other things they should add to heighten the "Nostalgia Factor" some: 1.The game would ...


The TRUE Definition of a "Hardcore" Gamer

From reading some of the comments posted on this site, and others similar to this site, I think I have FINALLY figured what a TRUE "hardcore" gamer is.A "Hardcore" gamer is NOT someone who plays any game and finds fun in it, OH NOOO.I've SE...


Reasons I'm not mad at Nintendo

Nintendo's E3 press conference was pretty ass. Nothing for the "hardcore" gamer, is what everybody seems to be hollering. Before I get into what I was originally was typing this shit up for though, I have a question: What really constitutes...


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I'll play any game that's remotely fun, although my favorite type of game is fighting games, even the crappy stuff. I'll play some muhfucking Rise of the Robots if I feel the need.I also apparently resemble comedian Sinbad.Some of my favorite games would be:

Super Street Fighter 2
Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike
Mega Man 1-7
Parappa The Rapper 1-2
Fist of the North Star
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core
Marvel VS Capcom 2
Capcom VS SNK 2
SVC Chaos
King of Fighters 94-2003
King of Fighters XI
Killer Instinct 1-2
Sengoku Basara Cross
Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3
Armored Core Last Raven
Fire Pro Wrestling Returns
Super Dragon Ball Z
Gundam Wing Endless Duel