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A PSP that plays GBA cardtridges. Seems legit. Definitely a trending item here in 2017.


Was doing so well not buying anything on the Xbox Live sale. Today I caved and got Infinite Mini Golf and Lego World. These weren’t even among the games I had been contimplating all week. But decided to go more casual. Hopefully they are good?


Was trying to beat Matheal. Got him down to his last bit of life. Got cocky and threw up iron skin and stayed knee deep slashing instead of dodging his fire balls. Paid for it with my life. I blame my cat.


I approve of Shelter Buddy’s latest update, for the version name alone


But I don't want to get up to get a fresh battery. Plus my cat is napping on me. Can't my controller just work through magic?


Busting out some rocket power tonight. Not exactly a classic PlayStation game. But hey, I like what I like.


Apartment is flooding. Moving one of my game cases. That went well...In the process of picking up I found three video games I have two copies of. Two video games still in shrink wrap. And one video game for a system I don't own. I might have a problem.


Keeping it old school tonight


I like to have my Xbox on in the background while I sit and read about video games on my phone.


My work looks like a spooky insane asylum when the power goes out


I swear stardew valley is the only thing keeping me remotely sane this month!


At least there is Bailey's.


Disqus keeps showing me ads for fatigue fixers. It's reading my mind. The internet has entered my brain and is dragging me to the dark side. Only not the dark side cuz then I'd be asleep. Help. So tired.


As a side note I am not ok with this whole spidergirl friday thing. Spiders scare the fuck out of me


She approves of the new controller


All the Pokemon Sun and Moon news I've read over the past 6 months and it takes me 10minutes into the game to realise they are called Alola Pokemon not Alpha. My stupidity amazes me


Will I ever stop cackling like a maniac during my DOOM glory kills?


I keep turning the A/C as low as it will go in my sleep. This month's bill is going to suck. So ready for winter!


I just bought sleeping dogs for $7.50. Because I needed to add to my backlog


I guess U-verse has internet data caps now, but if you have a TV plan with them it remains unlimited. Even though mine will be unlimited this still pisses me off. It's the principal of the thing.


All I want is a tv embedded in my ceiling so I can easily play games while laying in bed.


I think I just killed the teenage mutant ninja turtles in Borderlands 2! God I love this game.


Borderlands, you entertain me.


I wish I was as good at real life as I am at rocket league


Between rocket league on the xbone and my 6 boxes of thin mints in just never getting up again you guys


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I currently work as a tech in a dog shelter. Job takes up most of my time but it's worth it for the good I am able to do for animals. Spay/Neuter saves lives!

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