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Hype: The Epic Wait for SSX

I waited 7 long torturous years for SSX to come out on the current generation of consoles. For many of those years I wasn't even sure they would make a new SSX but I never gave up hope. Granted every other fan of the series was in the same position I was, so what made my hype for the new entry special?

Well, extreme sports games are what made me the gamer I am today. I saw Tony Hawk land the first 900 in 1999 and have watched every X-Games since then. At the age of 12, I was meeting my half-brother for the first(and last) time in North Carolina. While in bed reading whatever gaming magazine was popular back then I read a review for Grind Session. "Holy crap! They make extreme sports video games, I need a PlayStation and I need it now!" So the next day I forced my parents to take me to the nearest store and used my life savings to buy myself a PlayStation and a copy of Grind Session.

I love tricking off the heli!

SSX was the game I had waited so long for! Everything I loved about the game was still there. The outrageous tricks are still there and "It's Tricky" is still played after pulling enough crazy stunts in a row. Mac and Zoe are still playable characters and you can still customize the boards and outfits. They even made the race mode something I can enjoy playing and added the entirely new Survive It mode. The deadly descents aren't my favorite thing, but they provide for a nice change from the usual. I actually prefer the Global Events to traditional multiplayer and couldn't care less about the lack of a split screen mode. SSX was well worth the 7 year wait and while I hope they release a new one sooner than before, at least now I have games in all genres that I enjoy to keep me busy.
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