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Hype: The Epic Wait for SSX

I waited 7 long torturous years for SSX to come out on the current generation of consoles. For many of those years I wasn't even sure they would make a new SSX but I never gave up hope. Granted every other fan of the series was in the same ...


About Me: Because I'm Awesome

So I figured since I am trying to be more active in the Dtoid community I should do an intro blog. I am awful at writing so hopefully this isn't too terrible. I have been reading Destructoid daily since 2008. I am 24(so old!), born i...


About keisalone of us since 9:07 PM on 06.28.2009

Just a Jersey girl(stuck in Ohio) on a never ending quest to buy way more video games and systems than I will ever have time to play.

I currently work as a tech in a dog shelter. Job takes up most of my time but it's worth it for the good I am able to do for animals. Spay/Neuter saves lives!

When I'm not spending money on unnecessary video games that I won't get around to playing for another 5 years, I also enjoy snowboarding, programming, and going to concerts.

I am also on a lifelong journey to try every Sam Adams ever made. Help me, send me free beer.