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Valve plans for original survivors in L4D2?

Spoilers for the "story" of L4D2 included, if you actually care about it (it was over hyped, really) then don't read on. Talking to a friend (and proof reader of these rants of mine, props for that) we found out that when you search throug...


Why I Like The Genre: Fighting Games

What to post on my Dtoid blog has been something I've been contemplating for awhile now. Should I rant about games I like? Should I talk about games I'm looking forward to? Should I explain why I don't like games that everyone else seems to...


Morality, the swingingest new fad

I played the original Army of 2 when my friend rented it and came over one day, it was a fun experience but the whole game also lasted a pathetic 4 hours. Throughout that game it was basically one of the biggest power fantasies I've ever se...


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