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Flash Player 9 Problem - Error reporting correct version number, incorrect version identified, will not play video content on some websites, ActiveX AX IE IE7 (NVGR)

I've been having this problem with my Flash player ever since I upgraded to version 9 (or at least version Some websites will play content, some will not. Some will say I need version "X" or higher (when I have version 9 "successfully" installed) and others will simply not show flash content at all.

I had been all over the internet trying to find a fix for this and had no luck. I tried all the uninstallers and tips/tricks, etc... all to no avail. Since that was the case, I have to imagine there are others out there with the same problem. I'm hoping that in posting this I can assist those people in finding a fix (and with a little luck this post will index on google and lead them here).

Below are the 2 posts I made in Adobe's forums regarding the issue. The first is the fix, the second is a slightly more descriptive version of the problem, for posterity's sake.

I really hope this helps :D

note: the flash uninstaller mentioned in the solution can be found on adobe's website ( http://kb.adobe.com/selfservice/viewContent.do?externalId=tn_14157 )



well... it seems as though Ive solved my own problem. I truly hope that others can find this solution and that it works for them because this has been giving me a headache for quite a while.

as suspected, I believe that Java was part of the problem. since there were a few steps taken prior to getting flash to function properly I cant say for sure if that was the only issue (or if it was truly the issue) but none the less, here is what I did.

1- uninstalled all versions of flash (through add/remove and uninstallers)
2- uninstalled all versions of java (also deleted everything left in the c:\program files\java\ folder)

now, in an effort to be sure I had cleaned ALL the java versions installed (since they have a habit of not cleaning themselves out and have multiple versions being simultaneously present) I came across the MS Installer Cleanup utility. I downloaded and attemped to run it, but had an issue. I found the following website addressed my issue and I ran the .dll register as they suggested. I make this note because I have no way of knowing whether or not the .dll registration process affected flash operability.

3- fix VBscript .dll error ( http://www.winhelponline.com/articles/209/1/Error-Cant-find-script-engine-VBScript-for-script-when-installing-the-Windows-Installer-Cleanup-Utility.html )
3b- run MS Installer Cleanup ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/290301 )

I found no java nor flash entries, so I exited the MS utility without having made any changes.

4- restart
5- close all programs, including AV
6- install latest Java
7- restart, close all programs including AV
8- run flash activeX installer from adobe's website

this process got flash back in working order for me. again, the clear proof it was working was abc.com's video player actually working. Gametrailers.com usually did not work for me and now works, as well as BBC.com, which I read another user had issues with.

Hope this helps!




I am having a very similar issue. Some website (like youtube) do still function. However, many sites that run video and other flash items do not function and routinely suggest that I need flash player "X" or higher.

I have also run all the uninstallers (old and new) and installed the newest (as well as older) flash versions and none of them work.

I am running IE7 and XPSP2. I have read in some places that flash 9.0.115 had problems with corrupt installs, but that the uninstall process, as highlighted in the KB and on other websites, should work to rectify that. Those processes have done nothing for me.

The latest flash player (r.124) installs just fine, no issues, and the version checker reports that it is as it should... however, many websites disagree. Abc.com's video player is one of the sites I check when I've attempted uninstalls and reinstalls because it won't even load, simply stating version 8 is necessary to play video.

I would LOVE to get back to viewing flash content, this problem is VERY aggravating.

I do not know the in's and out's of how the flash player installs and registers itself, but it would seem that something beyond the flash player file(s) itself is the issue. The files are in the right location and seem to be intact... I have a feeling it is something with the registry and/or with Java, but of course that is just speculation.

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