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How Destructoid single-handedly changed my mother�s opinion of gaming


There�s no reason to use this picture. At all. But dawwww.

At the end of it all, she was truly interested in Destructoid as a community, understanding what it is that draws us to this place and why we just can�t seem to force it out of our minds. I think she understood why I would buy a green shirt with a robot face on it. I think she understood why I would spend large chunks of time playing and writing about videogames.

But perhaps most spectacular of all, I think, at long last, she might understand or at least accept gaming on the whole. While I don�t expect that she still knows what it is about these games that we find compelling and worth writing about, she knows that it isn�t just me out there enjoying a child�s hobby when I should have left it behind years ago. She knows that you�re out there too, and you�re not children, and you�re not stupid.

So, to you, Destructoid readers and writers, thank you for accomplishing in one fell swoop what I could not achieve in nearly 25 years. While I don�t think you�ll ever see my ma�s name gracing an intro post in the forums, just her simple understanding of my beloved hobby is more than enough for me.
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