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Other M

Other M - A collaboration between Tecmo's Team Ninja & Nintendo (along with a familiar director at the helm). Something awesome is happening here (I apologize if this has been posted before. But its definitely something this Metroid fan has...


Rolling rolling..

Hey crew, moving today (to Tucson, AZ!) Should make for an interesting trip, aside from the adventure of taking most things out of storage. (plus the epic unpacking!) Been several months since I played any videogames, I feel a bit mixed up ...


Night of the Werehog

Halloween - an animation short teaser came up on a site advertised "Night of the Werehog". It promised a future release of an entire mini-film. From the outset the animation is fluid, cute, yet so creative (Sega's animation team is onto som...


Going on a few months now..

Some odd time ago, I attended PAX (and met many fun & exciting people). This was the last time I touched a controller.. yes this was. And so months later... um I bite my tongue every time I watch gameplay, or any trailer I come across. A li...


Treasure hunting

Greetings fellow archaeologists, if you've kept an eye on the web; you may know of something golden. Pray tell what is that? An interactive site, based on Tomb Raider Underworld. Quick reading this, and go! =D http://eu.tombraiderunderwor...


Dead Space - Downfall (Review)

Recently watched the animated film, via Starz Encore Action. But is it what some were hoping for? 1st - The Animation - Very well put together, from the Film Roman group (mostly known for diverse direction + animations studios). Overall th...


Maiden Masher

SNKP has been quiet over the past few months, until recently. With unveilings of various titles on the way, KOF2k2UM (a remix edition of 02 - using the Neowave engine), and KOFXII (the new wave for the series). Surprisingly enough, the move...


KOF XII (SNK's comeback?)

Awhile back when Capcom & SNK were duking it out, no one knew which one would last longer. Sure there were some competitions, but to really push everyone's button. Even to open up the floodgates when CvS hit the world. It left many reminisc...


Misconceptions of a Hedgehog

A few years ago, some company said "hey we can make this better!" How? Bringing it to nextgen consoles, then it would leave us floored, and wondering if we could play the title. Later to find out a demo, that caused a split between gamers. ...


And more stuff from PAX 08

*Now linked via facebook Thanks to Knives for reminding me, sharing some photos from the event. At the moment I'm kinda tied up with packing stuff for my move. So I'm direct linking via my myspace PAX photo album. Enjoy =D


The Passion of PAX (finale')

Although I missed the events of day two, I made up for my missed appointments. I managed to catch up, and also obtain some new notes regarding "an entry into the industry & what is possible". Taking initiative, I felt better finding out mor...


About kadoshoone of us since 2:22 AM on 06.14.2007

Every story has a beginning.. and mine starts with the classic consoles. From Atari, NES, to Gen. Odd how things worked out, from blips to characters sprawling over an open world. Either by pipe or a loop-de-loop. Those times have passed, but still are a part of our gamer hearts.

Well my playlist thus far.. Pitfall, Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Castlevania, Sonic the Hedgehog, Phantasy Star, Final Fantasy, Metroid, Earthworm Jim, Mega Man, and many more.. this list could take awhile trust me.

Apart from the D-toid family, I'm also a part of the AllGames Community, and the fun show Distributed Failure

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