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The Passion of PAX (finale')

Although I missed the events of day two, I made up for my missed appointments. I managed to catch up, and also obtain some new notes regarding "an entry into the industry & what is possible". Taking initiative, I felt better finding out more on how "internal" members of various development teams work together in an interesting fashion. From asking Todd Howard, to many more familiar individuals on what they look towards in team members portfolios (regarding careers, and other options to approach them).

Plus I also had the chance to chat with a few more people during panels. Including another brief chat with Adam Sessler, and Morgan Webb, and [email protected] (dressed up as Judy Nails). And in regards a few more from Allgames, Kotaku, and Gamasutra, plus 1up, and many members of this fun community. (which I wanted to explain about the temp tattoo ^^:)

After my appointments, I opted the chance to actually play a few games on the show floor. From Mushroom Men (DS), Damnation (360), Rise of the Argonauts (360), Little Big Planet (PS3), Midnight Club LA (360 / PS3) *and tried out some of the PAX10 entries. Overall I enjoyed quite a bit of the titles, and had the chance to speak with the PR's & some of the producers as well.

- Midnight Club LA - kodak moments.. I have never had so much fun racing against a drunk mascot. Seriously, it was the most intense, albeit insane moment ever. (including several kicks to the nads, of course just messing around - but man it was fun) *the game, not the hoof going there XD Plus the PR ladies were having a great time, they had so much positive energy, it would be tough to walk away without a smile after playing the game.

- Little Big Planet - one grand adventure = Sadly this game had the longest line the entire show, but there was an opportunity I waited on to play the live demo. Plus chat with some of Sony's PR's and the associate producer. There are so many details yet to be unveiled, yet it will be a very compelling game no one should miss.

- Afro Samurai - Quite a surprising title, plus the direction of the game alone is solid. Definitely looking forward to playing this game sometime in the future.

- New Prince of Persia.. Although I did miss the live demo from Saturday night, I asked a few of the Fragdolls, and several reps what they thought of the demo. I received some positive feedback, but also fun conversations.

- FarCry 2 - Amazing (more details at a later date)
- FallOut 3 - long lines = wryyyy! (but heard some positive words regarding the demo at the show)

I have more to share for next time. Later =D
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