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KOF XII (SNK's comeback?)

Awhile back when Capcom & SNK were duking it out, no one knew which one would last longer. Sure there were some competitions, but to really push everyone's button. Even to open up the floodgates when CvS hit the world. It left many reminiscing why they went to arcades, and then others looking back and saying "hey I miss this".

Just watched the new http://game.snkplaymore.co.jp/official/kof-xii/ promo, and it looks quite promising. Sure some avid fan complain over the "small stuff", but hey at least its a teaser for an awesome game on its way. Even though its months away (to a year) on being released, at least its an ongoing title. Unlike some publishers that just want 3D action "out of every orifice".

For once SNKP may be "on the ball" this time around. XI was a minor leap in design, mostly cut n' paste, but it tried to stand out from what it used to be. XII is definitely a push, Garou was only a teaser back then, and here we are years later trying to sort out if fighting games can still survive. And I can give an honest smile, yeah this genre is not giving up, not by a long shot baby.
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