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Empty glass

Sitting at my pc at 1:23 am on 8/16/2008. After listening to a wrapping up episode of my friend's show http://allgames.com/, I took the opportunity of taking a snooze. Thing is, the humidity just dazed me for so long, until my eyes finally closed. Oddly enough there were no phone calls, my cell phone was pretty much quiet all day (except for the one phone call from MV regarding SFIV next week).

My mind just kept racing, since the past couple of weeks I haven't been able to sleep too well. Due to some family issues, my daily amount of gaming has kinda went down. Although I've had opportunities to work on some articles, and still have some brainstorming. Its one thing to actually being able to "sleep", and have a coherent thought for a change.

Just listening to some music for the past half hour, after watching the new episode of Stargate Atlantis. Its 1:29, sitting beside a glass of ice (that used to have a filled amount of dr pepper).
Looking around, its a bit late and my music isn't too loud. Its one of those things about sound when you're playing a game, it entrances you're focus to everything happening at the time. Ever since I first played any title, the first thing I do is turn up my volume just a bit; to acknowledge the dynamic atmosphere in any game. Ever since my venture with Metroid Prime, I haven't looked at FPA's the same way again, except for BioShock (which could possibly mean FPA's can lead to promising ideas).

I do have something planned later this morning, its a bit of a surprise for fellow gamers. Especially those that enjoy a certain platformer that brought back some exciting moments.
I will be sure to share more soon. Be sure to listen to http://www.bobbyblackwolfshow.com/ this Sunday.
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