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"Hey Cousin, lets go out"

GTA IV, what more to say; its an addiction. Something you start, and try to finish. Recently I found myself on the biggest island, dazed & a little confused. Taking jobs from Manny, to Elisabeta, each offer their own challenges (and tests of your patience). In the meantime, I find myself attracted to Mallorie, (er wait is that suppose to happen?)

*given the choices I've made I wonder sometimes

Finding myself lost, and unsure where to go, I find myself wandering during my off time to explore. Another thing to mention, I haven't played multiplayer often (but with a few of my friends). I'm still not brave enough to go out against random people (after hearing its just not as fun). Gotta be honest, I enjoy playing this game with friends; its a surreal experience.

Given the integral storyline that I have opened an envelope of, it becomes a part of your gaming conscience. (that little gamer voice in your head saying "wait, what are you doing here!? Don't you want to do this, or this, and maybe this?")

Although awhile back I wasn't a big fan of GTA when it began. IV seriously has me hooked, if not by the story design, but how every decision makes a critical change to Niko himself. Such writing is a given, and I wish whomever put IV's story together, should win an Oscar. If a film could depict rational choices, to things many would "disagree"; it would test everything.

I know I'm still aways off from seeing "Thank you for playing" credits. That moment is tough to realize in a game like this, given a handful of credits @ the beginning of the game itself.

Overall, I am enjoying GTA IV. Nuff said.
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