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Just an SD Gamer in an HD World...

In this world of 720p gaming (finally 1080i/p is hitting a lot of games), I feel left in the cold. Games custom tailor their graphics (most notably text) to HD resolutions, leaving the non HD screens with fuzzy, unreadable words confusing the player--did I just drink a lot of laced booze without knowing it?

The old assumptions still exist. [url=http://blog.wired.com/games/2006/11/capcom_fixes_lo.html]Capcom fixed Lost Planet's text[url], but most games and developers either don't know or just don't care about the SD gamers.

So here I am, trying to play Folklore on my beastly 23" CRT-style tv I bought for my college dormroom. After 15 to 30 minutes of gaming on it; my eyes hurt from squinting to read the various chat boxes and menu items, stopping momentarily to wonder if I forgot to put in my contacts for the day.

So I thought I was being a shrewd consumer and bought a HDMI -> DVI converter. Huzzah! I'll play in at least some form of HD on my monitor for my computer! It handles better resolutions than SD and at the very least can play 720p if not more.

My cord arrives, and I plug it in, giddy to play games in the manner they were meant to be seen and played. Suddenly I crapped my pants as I found there was no display. Worried that I damaged my system, I headed to the Internet to solve my issue. Alas, my fears were confirmed.

Some of you more astute robots would notice my fatal flaw. I didn't bother reading up on the latest and greatest info regarding video from High-Def sources. In this case: High-Def Copy Protection (HDCP). My monitor wasn't compliant (see: have decoder for encrypted HD signal) so I saw a screen full of nothing by design, not due to something breaking.

So I'm out $7 from my experiment, and have lost a lot of enthusiasm for console gaming. I turned to consoles because I couldn't constantly upgrade my PC due to a lack of funds. But now, I can't even enjoy my console because I can't upgrade my TV?

I'm hoping to win a contest with a tv some time soon. Having my first child on the way really limits my spending even with the "stimulus package" and my tax refund on the way soon.

Looks like it's time for more flash gaming. DTD anyone?
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