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Introducing...Josh's Job


For those of you who might actually know me from PAX (and I've been trying my best to IRC though occasionally I'm a bit of a lurker) just wanted to offer some explanation.

There are two Joshes. I don't know if that's actually the correct way to shoehorn that thought into a sentence, but there you are.

As I was saying, there are two Joshes and one of them (I'll let you guess which one) gets a lot more time out of the asylum than the other.

Basically, my day job is a Monday-through-Thursday death march type-thing in which I go to companies who are hurting for whatever reason and try to make things better. Often, and sadly, this means firing people lately. Also, for those of you who didn't get the Office Space reference at the beginning of this post, shame on you! Get thee to a Netflix(ery)!

So if you don't see me online very much during the week, there's your explanation: I'm probably somewhere in rural Iowa (is there another kind?) closing down some poor tenth generation family farm so that ConAgra can come in and plant genetically-modified corn that yields a hefty profit and makes your balls glow green and shrink.

If you ever do see me online though, be sure to say hi! I always take my DS on the road to keep in touch with my deep and abiding respect for the Gamer's Spirit, and am trying to make more time to at least log into IRC each night to try and say hi to folks.

Signing off...Joshhest
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