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About jorgepowerone of us since 10:56 AM on 04.20.2010

I am from Venezuela, and i like my country, but above all, I love video games, they
bring me joy, the joy of being in a different world, the joy of having fun online, the joy of watching incredible stories and outstanding visuals, the joy of playing just a platform game, and the joy of getting hours of so much fun from the most simple thing in a game, like a glitch(not cheating), even the joy of playing a war game and nailing a head shot from far away, the pleasure of playing with friends, alone, or even with family(my dad enjoys shooting random in bad company). the incredible LMAO or LOLS I have seen, like landing a warthog in someones face(just once).
also the funny reviews of Many pages or the opinion of every gamer, game creator, or critics I have seen.

but in the end that joy banished, in the brink of a second, when games were forbidden in Venezuela.
I dint got why, and never will, but read this, I only have a ps3 and still managed to play on all the consoles, with friends, or without them, but now I cant buy anymore, I would really want to play fable 3, halo reach, god of war 3 or modern warfare 2, even any different games, hell, if I had the money and the time I would play every game in existence(not the horrible ones,those don't count).

I am only a young gamer who is willing to wait for the time I can play all that, if I have to
but probably y will not(thanks Chavez).
you know how people grows, and gets the responsibility of working and studying in university.

but maybe, just maybe my dream will be fulfilled and will bring back the joy of games, if I work hard and do a lot of effort y will become a video game designer.

wish me luck, and sorry for the bad grammar(Venezuela, of curse)


PS.my dad is pissed, really pissed.