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Developer's Diary: The Weapons of Dental Evolved


In my previous posts I have discussed how I tried to make a game similar to Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved. Because my game uses a mouse, and because I wanted to differentiate to some degree, I have added a special weapons/items system.

Once all the different types of plaque have had a chance to come out and put you on the run, special power-up items (creatively marked “?”) will periodically appear. Running your ship over these items will give you one of 8 random power ups. Double click to activate the power up. Some have a one time effect, others will last for about 10 seconds. Some items (like the shields and the floss shown here) can be combined. If you activate the floss while running shields, both will be activated and the shields effectivity will be renewed.

1-up: Double click for an extra life
Floss: Double click and a line of floss will be drawn from your aiming reticule to your tooth. Moving around will have the floss move with you. Anything that crosses its path is destroyed.
Two-Way: Double click and your reticule will start shooting back at you. This causes total destruction in-between you and your reticule, and also allows you to shoot behind your tooth.
Power Reticule: Double click and your aiming reticule will become a weapon. Move it over anything you want to destroy.
Shields: Double click to activate. The shields will protect you and destroy anything that touches you.
Sprinkler: Double click to leave a second tooth that will shoot a fluoride cannon in all directions.
Bomb: Double click to create a blast that destroys almost an entire screen.
Barricade: Double click to activate. For a limited time, your reticule will draw a barricade while you hold down the left mouse button. You can use this barricade to hide from plaque. Be warned – most of them cannot get through it, but you cannot shoot through it either.

If you can score more than 10,000 points, future plays will have a power-up appear at the beginning of the game.

Cavity Crusade: Dental Evolved will be available at http://JackGames.com on Friday 8/29.
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