DeS: Fortnites prize pool will be a staggering $100 million

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Pizza Pulldo - Free Pizza Contest

Pizza Pulldo is our new app for ios devices. It is a twist on the match-3 puzzle genre where you use your matches to fill orders and collect ingredients. You use those ingredients to make your own Pizza. With Pizza in mind, we're doing a r...


Do the Tetris Dance

Not long ago, we got some details and screens about Tetris Party, a multiplayer Tetris game for the Wii that, among other unique features, supports play using the balance board.


I invented the Wii: My Failures in the Biz

I recently posted an article regarding one of my numerous failures in trying to break free from the common life and become an overnight success in the video game world. The traffic from that article was very telling – no one really knows o...


Two New Takes on Tetris

Is there an aspiring game developer out there who hasn't made their own Tetris clone? A web search for Tetris will bring up hundreds or thousands of various free and shareware knock-offs of the game for download or in-browser play. As a Ni...


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