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Tossing My Art Salad


When you have a pile of artwork stacked up all over the the place, it starts to look like an art salad. Except it's made from trees, so maybe mulch is a better comparison. It's heavy as hell when you gotta lug boxes of it around as it piles up. So I decide to get rid of it. 

One of the main reasons I ended up designing games for a living was because I love the idea of turning something as simple as a sketch into some sort of interactive form. And it's what fueled much of my early career in gaming. I use to draw all sorts of things, as this video highlights. Mechs, comics, still lifes, angels, sexy ladies, etc. 

Tragically, I haven't been seriously drawing in years. MANY years at this point. Every now and then I'll whip out a pen and sketch something, and I'll draw stuff out to create new game characters, or environment layouts, but nothing that is noteworthy anymore. It's kinda sad, yet at the same time, I'm doing so many things that having the ability to block out hour at a time to diligently work on a piece is just outside of my capabilities right now. The reality is, art is often times just the beginning of where game design starts. But the process of creating a game, from designing, to coding, to animating, to testing, to marketing, ends up taking up much of my waking hours. And I'm OK with that. I enjoy piecing it all together. Truth be told, I always end up working with artists on game projects that quite frankly are leagues above my skill level anyways. So I tend to think of my art as good enough to convey my ideas, but not good enough to make all the ladies love me.

While going through all these old boxes of sketches, I did find a bunch of old game ideas as well, which was fun. I'll make another vid about that sometime!

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