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Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles Pre-Ordering Has Begun!


I'm actually surprised noone else jumped on this one yet. I shall take it upon myself to do just that!

Redspotgames has announced that pre-ordering has begun for Yuan Work's latest game, Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles, on the Sega Dreamcast. I'll wait for you to finish you "Dreamcast Just Won't Die" comment before we continue. ... Good! The game goes for 25.95, which is roughly $35 in US Smackeroos not including shipping. I was initially intrigued by the well done pixelated art-style. I stayed for the frantic puzzle action that reminds me of fond memories with Magical Drop 3. There's a GP2X demo out there right now and I think there was a Dreamcast demo released in some European magazine, so if anyone had access to one or the other, I'd love to hear what others thought on this.

The game is supposed to ship out by the end of October, so I'll have to stare at my mailbox intently until it springs forth from it. INTENTLY, I say. Surely, this will make the time go faster!

The Dreamcast continues to be one of the best decisions I have made in gaming. I bought the system used my first year in my college and most of the games I still continue to play on it for less than $100. Copies of Skies of Arcadia and my import Street Fighter III: Third Strike (Which was actually cheaper than the US version, for whatever reason) are so close to my heart that they may in fact be fused with it. If I could snag a copy of Capcom Versus SNK 2 for it too, life may in fact be complete.

- Pre-order Info Portal Away!
- Also, Yuan Works Dev Blog.
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