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Tales from the Ticket Prize Counter

Ginnybear and Company in the Asheville Mall is probably one of the weirdest, tiniest arcades I've been to in recent memory. It's essentially half weapons store/half arcade hang out. This has the potential of being the most awesome place on earth, but it has the Aura of Southern-ness that comes in and ruins most things around here. POW-MIA flags, camo nets draped on the walls and pictures of an American Eagle teaming up with a howling Wolf to battle the Dragon of Communism, etc. etc. (Okay, that last one isn't real, but someone should make it so. For... Science. And stuff. Yeah.)

Now because it's in the mall it can't actually sell stuff like, y'know, guns. It mostly consists of hunting knives, decorative weaponry and Airsoft rifles. And because of its claustrophobic location, weird placements occur. The knives are in close proximity to the DDR unit. This worried me until I realized the endless possibilities knife fighting could bring to the Bemani Rhythm platform. Oh, what's that? You cut in line in front of me? KNIFE KNIFE REVOLUTION IT IS. Add in the cheesy announcer going "I KNEW THAT BLOOD WAS IN YOUR HEART." and we have a new favorite Bloodsport!

All this is odd, but not show stopping. This is the South here. I've seen weirder crossover storefronts (My favorite is still the Gun/Vacuum Shoppe) No, what finally stopped me was the ticket counter and what I found in place of the traditional stale Tootsie Rolls:

Yes, that's right, kiddies. Your magical skee-ball journey has granted you the holy gift of Jack T. Chick! Enjoy eternally going to hell! Everywhere else, these are littered among our nations bathrooms, telephone booths and Waffle Houses. Not here! You work to get your damnation here, bucko!

I didn't see Dark Dungeons or Boo!, so I didn't investigate much further. Still, there has to be weirder things to grace the ticket counter that I am completely forgetting about. If so, let me know!

In other news, I really wish opting-out of the Mario Kart Wii message service actually opted you out of it. I'm tired of seeing the blue light come on the Wii only to see it's another damn time trial I don't care about.

[Apologies for the fuzzyness of the pic. I would say my cell phone sucks at being anything other than a phone, but it does a pretty poor job of that too.]
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