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Okay so Obra Dinn hasn't disappointed in terms of originality; there seems to be quite a bit of content here as well. Great presentation, and the music is fantastic! I wasn't expecting that. Nor the sound design in general being this good.


This weekend my girlfriend is away so I've downloaded Return to the Obra Dinn and I'm going to power through it. I've been excited to play this game for ages; going in completely blind!


I realised over the last month or so that when I feel stressed at work, I look for videogames to BUY. I'm not necessarily playing more - just looking to buy more which is pretty unhealthy. And I don't necessarily buy anything, just waste time browsing.


If I was shit at parrying in MGS: Revengence, will I actually be able to play Sekiro?


There's this issue when working at home where the thing you do work on (namely the computer) is the same thing you use when you want to not do work (playing videogames/watching videos).


So I was play Persona 3 FES for a while - got about 27 hours in - and was going to write about it in a bloggy kind of way...but I've put it down for now. Was put off by the repetition, but weirdly miss it now that I haven't played it for a month.


I love it in Another Code: Two Memories for the DS where you are given a DS console in game. Happens in Luigi's mansion 2 as well. Any others people can think of??


So I've been playing The Messenger thanks to it being free with Twitch Prime:- I am enjoying my time with the game so far (I think I just got to the twist), it's very addictive. But sort of happy I didn't buy it. Not entirely getting the hype around it...


I've started writing about Persona 3 FES, feel free to check out the opening blog! In game I'm currently feeling guilty for entirely sidelining Junpei - p.s. Stupei is the best pun ever conceived


I have to say that the spooky Haunted House show on Netflix is one of the best programmes I've seen in a while. It's basically a spooky melodrama! I need to go back and re-watch Oculus and other Mike Flanagan stuff


I watched Rogue One last night for the first time. My girlfriend's interest in the film dwindled significantly when she realised it was about the Death Star AGAIN(!), making it the fourth Star Wars film to be about the, or at least a, Death Star.


When will it not be Black Friday?


Started playing Persona 3 this weekend. It's surprising how quickly the game gets going compared to Persona 5... Loving the music as usual. Party management seems quite limited so far. No demon descriptions :(


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