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I'm quite excited for Undernauts, not that I'll have time to play another huge dungeon crawler (and I'm sure it'll be both huge and slow), but the box art is absolutely great! It's just a crazy collage of cool looking art lol


Anyone ever bought a game before they got the console? I just got this weird dungeon crawler for Switch - also managed to preorder SMT V. Not sure whether to buy a Lite or save for a full TV Switch (the price difference is quite bit????).


Anyone ever bought a game before they got the console? I just got this weird dungeon crawler for Switch - also managed to preorder SMT V. Not sure whether to buy a Lite or save for a full TV Switch (the price difference is quite bit????).


Ive never contributed laods to Dtoid, but I love to see what everyone's up to and I enjoy sharing when I can. Been busy with baby and moving house so I've had little opporutnity to sadly. Here's 1 baby photo. Promise that's the only one :)


Found these Hugo box files on the street the other day. I had a PS1 game with him in and absolutely hated it!! haha These are definitely going on my desk :)


I've never really posted personal stuff on here before, but I just want to say how much Etrian Odyssey has helped me through a very stressful time with work recently. I find the game strangely healing sounds ridiculous but there it is :)


Patrick Stewart explaining to Julie Walters why Hotel Dusk: Room 215 is such a fantastic game :) :) :)


Found this out via the HG101 podcast but the Playism store is closing its doors which means the only way to "purchase" Demon King Chronicle will be gone on 24th March. Pretty obscure but it's a fun game if you like scruffy rpg maker jrpgs :)


Why did PS3 games have that clear bit at the top?!


This is my joke and I'm sticking with it


Heads up that Room 237 is on Amazon Prime, if that's your morally dubious platform of choice. I would highly recommend it! :)


I find Sekiro a really interesting game for how little love it seems to get despite it being from FROM. Personally, Im not a fan of the game but I'm not entirely sure why. Dtoid, give me your Sekiro opinions!!..is it underrated? More of my thoughts below


I've been working my way through some old DS games recently and some have been great to return to, Okamiden for example. But the Full Metal Alchemist DS game is pretty awful. I feel like it had potential but ends up feeling half arsed :(


I tried the DQ11 demo and I got some nit picks :) This dog for one; the hero's haircut for another; and why am I going after these poor slimes? They're literally just going about their day. Much prefer random battles to this weird role reversal.


Happy Halloween!


I love it when you're playing two games at the same time which contrast really well together so you can pick your moood


Anyone playing anything spooky for October?


Finished Lunar Legend this weekend. It's a solid 5/10 game. Fun characters and story, but lacks challenge and there's 0 exploration. It's also blighted a woeful translation and the sound quality is pretty bad too. Quite chilled though :)


On the final stretch of Lunar Legend... time for some dramatic anime combat!


So I've mentioned already in a comment that I was playing Lunar Legend and I wasn't very kind about it :( I can't completely take it back, as it's extremely tropey and has very simple combat, BUT I guess that's just what I need right now :)


Name that game! This is pretty obscure so the winner gets a million gamer points.


Just hit a proper road block in Persona 5 R. Need to do some proper SMT strategising! Seems strange though seeing as most of the game so far has been quite mellow in terms of difficulty.


Silent Hill 2 is now my 'I've finished work for the day' game. The music is too scary to play it in the evening.


My wife is showing an interest in videogames now that she's off work due to Coronavirus. She was happily watching me play P5 Royal today which is probably a 1st. Was thinking of getting a coop game for us - Until Dawn? Any suggestions welcome :)


On about the 40hr mark for Strange Journey Redux and I've been side-questing for quite a while after defeating the level 5 boss. Honestly, I think this game is amazing! I love all the weird side quests you find in the dungeons. Onto level 6


Got to the end of level 5 in Strange Journey Redux... holy shit what a fucking dungeon...time for a break I think.


Onto the fifth dungeon in Strange Journey! Love the atmosphere and music here, though the phase shift and trap floors are starting to ware a bit.


My school's now closed doors except for a few kids coming in whose parents are key workers. I'm in work 1 day a week and working at home the rest of the time. Got a massive backlist to play, but it feels more bitter than sweet right now :(


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