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Amiibo News @11, 12-24-14 (Official Transcript)

Welcome back to the first ever, long-running series on Amiibo. I'm your host, Jlalande.    This week on Amiibo News @11, Toys R Us has made good on their promise to Paypal users in The Great Cancellation Debacle of 2014. Some...


Quick Reaction: Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

When I was in middle school, Magic the Gathering began its domination of nerds. Being part of its target demographic, I quickly turned my discretionary spending away from Star Wars action figures in lieu of the addicting hobby of opening bo...


Someone Comes to Town: Requisite Introduction

I was born of video games. Huddled around the blocky, wood-paneled television in a corner of my childhood dining room, I watched my parents roll the counter on the Atari version of Asteroids. To this day I believe they were better than I co...


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