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Nintendo 3DS region locked

First came the high price... Then came the 3 hour battery... Now apparently the 3DS is region locked as well. Keep in mind that traditionally portable consoles are kept region free a...


The story of the custom arcade stick

If the process of making the stick is TLDR for you, you can just skip to the end for the finished product. Over the last 5 months I have been playing quite alot of SFIV and having never played on an arcade stick before I thought it would...


2 new MGS games incoming! RAIDEN!!!

It's big boss if you couldn't tell, looking a bit older than in MGS3, on his hat it says military without borders which would suggest that the next game is set in the same time period as MG1 and 2. So its most likely a remake of one of th...


If you have a PS3, [GET THIS GAME!]

If there is one game that is criminally overlooked this year it would have to be the PS3 exclusive: Valkyria Chronicles because crouchin on a tank is awesome It managed to pull off 33k sales in America since it launched according to the...


Left 4 Dead demo out to public!

For all those who haven't pre-ordered off Steam (i.e. those in places like the UK where the steam version cost a shitload more than a retail copy due to shit exchange rate.) Servers are getting pummeled at steam at the moment though.


Video games live = AWESOME

Last night I went to an epic video game event, I went to see VGL in London. The atmosphere was intense and it was unlike any music concert I have ever gone to before, loads of gamers inside jokes throughout, funny pictochats during the inte...


Google to buy Valve

The inquirer is reporting that Google is set to buy Valve very soon. The aquisition is likely because they want to capatilize on the excellent Steam platform and use its ...



The year is 2001, FFX had just come out,everyone was excited by the imminent release of MGS2 and console hype was at an all-time high due to the imminent release of the gamecube and xbox. A little known, low budget developer has just releas...


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