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NooZ! meh Wii'z Broked =[

So I got Smash Bros from Gamefly on Tuesday and immediatly recieved the" Please eject the disc and trn off the Wii counsel, if this problem persist blah blah blah". So i tries a few more times with the same results untill it worked. Being new to the big N since the day's of Goldeneye(aside from my DS) I was pretty impressed With SSBB and the control scheme/character selection and spent the next hour or so getting aquainted. After I was done i decided to get in on some COD4 and put the Wii to bed for the night.

The next morning I went to game stop and bought House of the Dead 2&3 and a Nyko Power Shot (must have, way better then the blaster) and came home to relive my glory days on the Dreamcast. Low and behold upon inserting my disc into the slot, the same error message would appear only moments later in all its glory. This time it only took a few ejects before I was off and blasting. Next i tried out some Cooking mama with no errors and played a bit of Shining Darkness before retiring the Wii once Again for the 360.

Skip to frequent error msg's and four days passed. Today my mom wanted to play Cooking mama and it booted up no prob first try. After torturing her friends for a couple hours she went to pwn at Wii Sports and the aformentioned error arose again. This time it was there to stay. I even Started blowing on the frickin disc slot which did absolutely nothing and tried every damn game i owned only to recieve the msg over and over again. So i packed that bitch up and shipped it off. According to my calculations it will be back to me by wednesday the 26th and hopefully it wont have to go right back like the Elite thats currently exploring america for the second time(due back this week).

Oh yeah, it was a launch counsel but it was purchased in december of 07, so tell me, does Walmart really still have all these fucking launch counsels left? If so how? I guess they gotta do something with all those unsold 800$+ bundles the jerks!

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