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Instant Replay: A Labor of Love

I'm not going talk about one single game, or the type of games that I come back to for years after I've finished them just to remind myself how much I loved them. Instead, I'm going to talk about what makes me continue playing games even ...


Social life and moral choices in GTA IV

The social life was hardly the most touted feature of GTA's latest incarnation, with euphoria and multiplayer taking the centre stage as details trickled out. Now, a month after its release, its safe to say that its the least lauded of al...


About jesusofwalesone of us since 10:19 AM on 08.16.2007

I'm a long time lurker currently studying Computer Science in Wales.

I rarely comment, but have plenty of thoughts that I hope to elaborate on in future blog posts. Eventually.

The first console I owned was the PSOne and the first two games I played were Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII. Now I'm an avid gamer with a penchant RPGs, stealth and narrative driven games. Go figure.

I currently own a gaming PC, a PS3 and a Wii. I'll buy a 360 the second they stop it Red-Ringing.

Favourite things (in no particular order):

- Shadow of the Colossus
- Metal Gear Solid Series
- Final Fantasy VI, VII, IX
- The Half Life series
- Portal
- ESIII: Morrowind

Films :
- A Clockwork Orange...
- ...and pretty much anything Stanley Kubrick...
- ...except 'The Shining'.
- Anything by Quentin Tarantino
- Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
- Anything by Monty Python...
- ...Holy Grail takes the top spot though.

PSN ID : jebusofwales