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UPDATE: Tagging it Dtoid Style (plus a shout-out to my QANTM comrades!)


Note: This blog has been delayed somewhat, due to my neglect. My apologies - Mitch

Around a month or two ago, I was commissioned by my Design lecturer at college to design a stencil using Illustrator (was fun! *cough*). So I decided to do what was the only natural choice: the Dtoid logo!!

Yes, I am pushing our message around! So if you're walking through the stairwell of SAE Sydney Campus, look for my mark!

There were a variety of others made, but seeing as this is a video game community (and I don't want to swap this page of graffiti), here's two other gaming-related stencils:

This fine work of art was made by fellow Dtoider M3RCUR1. As you can see, it is full of win... but not as much as the next one...

Created by another college mate of mine (whom, as far as I know, DOESN'T go on Dtoid... Lame, I know), this captures what was awesome about Newgrounds when they still advertised Hentai to 13 year old boys.

ALSO, is anyone here a student (or former student) of QANTM College? If so, give me a yell! It would be grand if we can share our QANTM stories!

Next time: Mitch bitches about the Wii (in a reasoned and well-versed manner)

UPDATE!!! Here is the original stencil as requested by Niero (converted to JPEG for convenience)

UPDATE #2: Gah, I just realised the file is much too big, and I cannot save the resized version for some bizarre reason. I will try to fix this when I get home from work tonight. My humblest apologies.

UPDATE #3: I HAS IT! Below is the down scaled, Internet-friendly copy of the original stencil. Enjoy!

Sorry about the hassle when it came to this, I should never use a Mac and Illustrator together to get such a thing done, it's a shitty combo.

Email me at [email protected] if you want the Illustrator file (for better quality)
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