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Movie Review w/ bonus hibernation multipack

first what some of you might actually read. [:

got a chance to revisit a wonderful classic in American cinema Hot Shots that movie is as funny today as the first ten times i saw it. the wonderful jokes, toppers suprise flying, starter cameos for many big names, and my best part; recipes in the credits, lists of things to do after the movies. how cool is that! so do yourself a favor and go watch at least the first of this amazing set of films

Well, i haven't been online in a while. well that's a lie. i have been online but never for long enough to write on the blog. i get the news through the reader so don't worry guys i am reading. [:

Large job changes, relationship woahs, car problems like no man should have to go through, and 2 moves have kept me from being real active. i find this amazing comfort however in logging into dtoid and seeing my profile comfortably looking back at me with a lit cigar zapping its troubles away.

Things have been busy in the gaming world i have not been blind. working in retail, dealing a bit in video games, i have been able to enjoy some fun games experiences during my hibernation. Horde on gears 2 is amazingly good fun. [but oh so difficult at times] left for dead and halo 3 are always a good times. Resistance 2 was a beautiful piece of video game work that was fun for a twice through which is something i rarely grant a game considering i barely ever finish them. Killzone 2 has turned itself into a real good time for me as i run through shooting it up. I could go on but i will save that for another time. maybe force myself to write again. [: ooh! and Batman Arkham Asylum is a must play. too bad i can't play mine at home.... getting me to a complaint.

[note: i don't like to use this wonderful place as a soap box, but i'll be damned if it isn't the only one i got so i am going to splurge.]

i have a launch ps3 that has been my baby since i brought it home. [heck i preordered it almost two and a half years before release] after a year i noticed that newer games that i was purchasing would show graphical errors. nothing major; texture washing and flashing, object tearing to extreme outer levels of the screens. All my games were playable although it was lucky that i didn't get gtaiv just for my ps3. [thanks t.] because it wasn't playable until an update almost two months later and still had graphical errors.

Finally, Spryo started the chain. would choke almost right before every checkpoint. a no go. and i even tested in on another, newer ps3 and it worked flawless. fast forward a little bit, mirrors edges is the one that really ground my gears but my biggest gripe is my most recent purchase Batman arkham asylum and my future worry about god of war III. the weirdest part in all of this is that killzone 2 plays flawlessly, how can that be if my problem is purely hardware?????

the point. i sure as heck don't have a warranty from sony nor is my extended warranty any good. the biggest concern in either case was the worry that if i sent it for repair i wouldn't get a true original 60 gig. i am a purest in the sense that if i was psyched up something so that i can have my best chance at snatching the best one i don't want to ruin that risk on a technicality. and besides the problems didn't occur real bad till after both warranties faulted.

now, i don't have all the connections in the world, but i am a vary visted individual and i know of no one personally that can fix my whoes, and my only cry is out to sony.

i have been a faithful supporter of yours since my early childhood. i have recounted many times how one of your cd players survived a car crash and a night in the rain to keep playing today. that moment i was sold on the quality i could expect from you. ever since then i have helped sell your products, although never in a direct capacity, to friends and family and customers alike. i have a sony tv, sony dvd burner, multiple of multiple playstation consoles, some of which i have even used for more artful endeavors

i have sony cameras, camcorders, micro recorders, psp which i am trying to find my second, and now apparently a second ps3.

is there no hope for me. I'll buy my way into some exclusive club to get vip after warranty ps3 work done that would not only fix my problem but would hopefully figure out why this happened for others that i have read with the same problem. sony, i can only help you help yourself.

well enough of that, time to travel. have a good night everyone and keep watching. [:

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