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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum... I mean Los Santos

I am a big Rockstar/GTA fan.� Loved the series since playing 1 on pc, all the way through getting mildly frustrated on GTA London. Again, pc'd my way through the first 3d version of the series, GTA III.� Dedicated my console love with Vice City when I bought a PS2 just for it, years after it originally released.� [And we all know I love Sony.]� Went back to the pc version of GTA III just for the mods and mayhem, then went with Carl to a magical place of Gangsters and free roam. Another killer sound track in the bucket! Oh and I burned out several psp's reliving many of my favorite places on digital earth. [Vice City stories: you will always hold a special place in my heart.]

I even waited outside of a Gamestop Just to get the collectors edition of IV...

****Screech*** [Tires leaving more than heat on the road....]

I was hyped for 4.� I was. �Then I played it and I had to admit it was ok.� San Andreas, we have all talked about, it was not.� But on the wake of a game that even after feeling slightly left down by the hype machine last time, I feel hyped again for things to come but mostly I want to say this:

I have grown to appreciate what 4 was in the series.

In an urge to play 5 I am getting a fresh start on IV and I am realizing it was the stepping stone to what kept one of our favorite and most revered series alive.� In the wake of many things both real and imagined threatening our daily lives it is nice to see we can still have our fun.� Even when it might have not been what we wanted exactly in the end.� Now allowing for what looks to be the Pi�ce de r�sistance from Rockstar in their story telling endeavors to be here, now; it accomplished.

It stands alone, yet along with Red Dead Redemption, as part of this build up to Rockstar making something memorable for more reasons than violence and misinterpretation.� Learning multiplayer here and there. Learning what made the story; what drove a player to reach for the 100% mark.

Remembering they used to entertain like crazy with top down, sprite driven graphics and answering why can't we do it now but it much greater glory and depth.

I haven't played 5.� I am just another viewer on the outside sucking in every piece of news and content about this upcoming game.� Not feeling used, but fueled by the hype machine Rockstar is driving full speed down my neighborhood street.

Its not for everyone.� I am not stupid.� I have lived long enough to know that with over 7 billion people on this earth, not everything is for everyone.� I don't care.� I just care that this is going to happen and that I hope I feel this way again for other games.� I am a gamer and I am reading to take it back for Grove Street.

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