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Firefall In-Depth: The Medic

Hello and welcome to another installment in my continuing series of blogs about Firefall, Red 5 Studios' upcoming MMOFPS hybrid that's currently in closed beta. In my last blog, I promised a patch note rundown, but since there's not much to...


Firefall's eSports Potential

Hello again, everybody! Today I'll be talking about one of the elements of Firefall I'm most excited for - the competitive PvP, which Red 5 is planning to push as a new eSport for all of us to enjoy. I have a history of involvement in eSpor...


Guild Wars 2 - The Little Things

Alright, alright, I know - this blog is supposed to be about Firefall mainly. And it will be! But I couldn't NOT talk about Guild Wars 2 right now. As a lot of you probably know, there was a Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend event this past weekend...


Firefall: Then and Now

Hello guys, and welcome to the first of many blogs I'll be posting about Firefall, Red 5 Studios' exciting new multiplayer FPS. If you don't know what Firefall is, do yourself a favor - check out and search Yo...


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