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SWTOR Progression & Leveling System


For every level, you need to know which skills you�re going to develop first. In the game guide, you will be advised to develop gathering and crafting skills first. This way, you will know how to increase your skill levels faster. The crafting skills will give you more chances of building weapons and armors for defense, which will eventually give you an advantage for mission skills.

The quest you take will also determine your skills level. Choosing which quest to take first might cause a faster increase in skills level or could even slow down the increase. This is because for each quest and every battle you win corresponds an increase in the skills level.

Upon reaching the level cap, you will proceed to the next level. In reaching the next level, as suggested in the game guide, you will need to gather and craft new weapons. You will also be given the chance how to play your troopers. The higher level you get, the better control and more troopers you can get.

Like in any other online game, the higher level you get the better chances of winning battles and building your skills. So in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you need to familiarize the different levels and which skills you need to develop. Choosing which quests to take first is essential in making your level increase faster. Choosing which skill to develop first will help you win battles and gain more experience. So, in order to win the game, you should know which skill and quest you should start from. I suggest you take a look at SWTOR guides comparison and figure out which one is best depending on your preference. In the game guide, you will be advised which skill to take first, and how to gain levels faster.
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