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HI! I am nineteen and almost a junior in college, fingers crossed. I just hit my fifth year (2 in h.s and 3 in college) on streaming radio and I love what I do. I also love video games--but then again, don't we all? Being on wifi late at night is the best experience minus the creeps with x-box vision cameras =/. I find it funny when guys freak out when they find I'm "a chick and beat them."

The first console I remember owning is the SNES. I was basically glued to Super Mario World and Mario Paint. I never really made any music, but I was about five years old... so it didn't really matter to me. From there I moved on to playstation and didn't start caring about microsoft until I got the elite for my 18th birthday. I recently went a full 75 days without my elite and realized how much I missed L4D, Rock Band and Uno when all my time was spent on ACCF on my wii. I've since learned to stop being lazy.

Oh yeah, I'm not really sure how to post my PSN (before you call me stupid, it never saves), but if you want to be my friend, I am: clicherific.