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Thanks Wes for Bear with Me. After I finish up Spyro, I'll start this up


Guys, I found Jesus and he is cheap


One of my facorite metroidvanias is getting a physical release this week. 2 wrek preorder


Got up at 6 to start smoking this chunk of meat. Cant wait for my dinner tonight


Collection of mana is up. $40. Also, physical up for preorder https://store.na.square-enix-games.com/en%20/product/562426/collection-of-mana-switch


This might be my favorite alignment grid


I just got my Code Vein network test code. Check you emails. Downloading now


#drinktoid not sure I feel about this one. Definitely a wierd one. Day drinking is great though


Took the day off to take the little guy to see Detective Pikachu


I finished Danganronpa V3 yesterday and I still dont know if the ending is the biggest piece of shit or absolutly brilliant


For metal Wednesday, I flew thousands of miles to Finland to see Black Dahlia Murder with friends of ours. Should be fun


As one who wants a really shotty game to next to Night Trap, I wish this were real


Yay. Thanks to Wes, Chris and Kevin for getting my account password (finally) reset. We do have the best mods around here


I second a lot of the views on Astral Chain. I need that in my Switch right now


Happy birthday Xeo. You are good people. May your metal tits be pillowy


Has anyone ever played the Final Fantasy TCG? I bought some packs for a couple bucks for the art and dint know if it was fun or not


From the hit game Super Mario Rros.


Top five of the year: 5. Timespinners 4. Octopath traveler 3. Punchline 2. Smash 1. God of war. Honorable mentions: dq xi, fist of the north star, persona endless night, spyro, dead cells


Merry Christmas to the best online community around


I'll have to wait, but ill finally play Celeste next year


Thanks a lot to my secret Santa. Very happy to add this to my collection


Hype reaching maximum. Is it tomorrow yet?


I mentioned it on the NIS post, but I love my Vita. Was able to snag a copy of Ravi-Ribi from LRG to add today


I did the voting thing. There were a ton of people even at 7 in the morning. All US dtoiders, please please go vote


The wife and i restarted Insanity training. I regret this decision vin the short run. Current status:


Happy bday to our tastiest member, SrChurros. Hope its a good one


They have been a shit company, but damn did Konami make a great trophy list for the Castlevania collection


Absolutly loving this game but I dont know if I can go on


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