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Callie and Marie are facing off for the final Splatfest! Get hype, and go Team Callie!


Hyrule Warriors DLC info! Linkle's new weapon will be Pegasus Boots! Dang, am I excited now...


Favorite movie time? Okay. One that often surprises people...


I liked Sticker Star, but I'm actually worried that Color Splash is too much like it. Seems like I might be playing Sticker Star again.


With one game, Nintendo won E3 for me. Granted, bit of a bias since Wii U is my only console, but last year I was fully on the "Sony won" team.


Many of Bravely Second's dungeons are tricky due to perspective...which makes you wonder why they built them to confuse theoretical enemies hovering from the southern ceiling.


Also, this is a good one from a game that I actually haven't played (at least not for a significant amount of time). Love that his hands make it "3D".


Boxtoid? One of my new favorites, partially because I love the designs of the crew for this entry.


Oh, Soundtracktoid, eh?


Fire Emblem Fates reacquired! Debating if I want to put a pause on Bravely Second (hah!) or finish it before getting back to Fates.


Started Star Fox Guard today. I wish it had gyro controls. But, then again, some of the gameplay is dependent on how slow the cameras turn, which would be awkward with motion.


You guys could stand to listen to more people talk about the NX/Zelda news, right? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkGZtqDwlRs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYcGQWEtE-s


Bravely Second's sidequests (at least first one) has very big gameplay/roleplaying dissonance. Was leaning towards one side by story, but wanted the other asterisk. Not sure how I feel about it.


Want to play more Star Fox. Hopefully I wake up early enough in the morning.


If it's cool, Nintendo, you can just make a full Star Fox anime, k?


Second (first?) part of Bayonetta 2 analysis going up soon. One of those things that I just had to accept "I'm fine with this" and post. Kept wasting time just overthinking it.


Oh man, so many edgy people commenting about how they don't care about Dark Souls!


What's gonna be the next classic or popular thing that, when some personality says "I never liked this", we'll all of a sudden feel the need to discuss if it's good or not?


I'm still glad Splatoon doesn't have voice chat...not for the things others say, but for the things I do.


Your fellow squids will forever remain B- if they use their Inkstrikes on uncontested parts of Tower Control.


Disgusted with Nintendo's latest decision. I'm weak and will inevitably still get the games I'm hyped for, but right now I don't even want to look at their stuff.


Was having writer's block on the bigger blogs that I'm trying to do, so did a new little one. Makes me feel like I'm doing something.


I should be writing more, but instead I'm wasting time making stupid Fire Emblem images.


Mario Maker just updated! Keys and the ability to make mandatory boss fights might get me back into it.


Lost a couple units to a brutal Fire Emblem mission (Birthright, Hard). Not enough to stop me from continuing, but kept the save from before just in case it hits me too hard.


Brand new Destructoid! It's gonna take some getting used to, but I have confidence that it'll be good.


Smash DLC is live! Go get 'em!


The true Waifu War is not the one fought on our screens, but in our hearts.


Tangled is possibly my favorite Disney movie now. Absolutely brilliant, especially in art direction (although Frozen was really good too).


Apparently we're quickposting about Frozen now? It's been years people, let it go.


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