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Y'all should definitely check this one out (and hopefully back it) if you're into isometric action games, good music, or just want to support emerging developers in new areas. (link to the kickstarter in comments)


Just finished Twin Peaks season 2 and uh...wow, I would've been pissed if that was all I'd gotten back then. On to the movie!


https://endesga.itch.io/nykra-demo So this game Nykra seems like it's going to be something really interesting. I don't really like the combat, and the control scheme is baaad, (controller wouldn't work) but the art and story is looking great


If you've ever thought "Hey, I wonder what a Nier/Drakengard soundtrack would sound like with rock influences?", I may have something you want to check out. Spotify's algorithms are usually pretty bad for me, but this was one hell of a lucky guess.


D e s t r u c t o i d


So, anyone want Project 1v1 Beta Keys? I'll put all the ones I got in the comments below.


I really hope a speedrunning community forms around Echo, the dialogue sections seem like they'd get in the way, but making sure the AI stays as dumb as possible so it won't get in the way seems like it could be fun to watch.


Why am I only just now hearing of this? D:< One of those times where if I had known about this just hours earlier, I would've bought this instead of what I did get (Xenoverse 2).


Oh hey, just Serah Shepard and Ezio Kreiss having a day at the beach, as assassins and N7 personnel are known to do.


I've only been playing XIII-2 for about an hour and it's been an emotional roller coaster. I'm confused as hell, but happy I can finally jump, the game crashes when you take screenshots, but thankfully, they added autosaving. What a time to be alive.


Well, I beat FF13. First one I've finished despite playing tons of them. That was one of the most draining endings I've experienced in a while just because of how many events they tried to shove into like 15 mins of gameplay/cutscenes.


Almost done with FF13 and I'm so sad about all the wasted potential. The party altogether is typical JRPG stuff, but when paired off, they had multiple games worth of stories to explore. They didn't need to go through their character arcs so fast.


Yo, Barthandelus is a punk ass bitch and doom is a spell for assholes.


After years of trying to get into it, something has finally clicked with FFXIII. It's just weird that I have no idea what. I've wanted to play through this trilogy for a really long time now, hopefully Lightning Returns is as good as some say.


http://www.pcgamer.com/destiny-players-are-mad-that-cosmetic-shaders-are-now-single-use/ So shaders are now single use items in D2? Ughhh. This is some next level greedy shit. Hopefully it gets changed soon.


Any Destiny 2 players wanna talk about what they do to honor your achievements from D1? I know about emblems but they made it sound like there was a bit more and I need to know how outraged to be that I can't access that since I'm switching to PC.


I love my 1070 but holy shit, why the hell can't Nvidia leave my defaults alone? I never had this issue with AMD cards.


Alright, guess I'll hop on this bandwagon. Picking a favorite Fire type was hell. I'm just now realizing I'd definitely be one of those dudes in a Fire-type Gym if I was in the Pokemon world.


So...did this happen to anyone else yesterday? I haven't changed anything with my browser so I'm not sure why the site is scaling so poorly now


Feels so weird to have the problem of wanting to go through a series again for the story but only wanting to actually play one of the titles in the series. I wonder what could be done to improve the first two Witcher games? They haven't aged too well.


So we won't be able to customize imported characters appearance in Destiny 2. Also won't be able to use any of those special emblems if you're switching platforms. This deal keeps getting worse all the time! https://www.bungie.net/en/Help/Article/45967


"cant always expect a game to give you free hand up at all times, makes you to dependent" -Some idiot when I said quests that make you kill 100 of X enemies in MMO's were a lazy way to pad out play time.


#WhyNotMetalWednesday Wednesday's spelling sucks and it makes me feel congested anytime I think about pronouncing it the way it's spelled. In unrelated news I got PUBG. A Metal Gear themed version of this game could be pretty cool.


I can't believe Bethesda is screwing up something like making previously released DLC free. Instead of separating Doom's single and multiplayer downloads, I've got another 35GB of shit to download for half a game I'll never touch.


tfw even Valve knows you need help


I just remembered all of the product placement in MGS4, and it's making me wonder if the likely licensing trouble that will come with porting that means we'll never get it even if Konami wanted to do it? If only Snake had chosen a different energy drink.


I feel like playing the MGS series again but I have no room for my PS3. Why couldn't Konami have chosen laziness instead of stupidity so that I could be lazy now?


Anyone think we may see "Classic" consoles from Sony? Seems like they're the only other company in a position to do that sort of thing that doesn't. What would you want to see on a PS1/PS2/PSP Classic? MediEvil 1&2 would make it a must-buy for me.


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