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Took about 2 hours of attempts but finally did it! Haven't been that devoted to beating on boss in a long time, that was satisfying. Also, Japanese players are a blessing.


Yo Nintendo, please port Xenoblade Chronicles X to Switch so that I can just sell my Wii U once I get a Switch.


Damn, I'm a mess right now. I want to eat, fuck, sleep, and game all at the same time. Is....is this what it's like to be possessed?


So I found out my PSVita is at 3.63, but my PSTV is at 3.60....awwwww yeah. I'll finally be able to fit all my Vita and PSP games in one place without paying for their dumb ass memory cards! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


My top games of this year: Prey, Toukiden 2, Uhhhh, Dragon's Dogma got ported to PS4 and XB1, so that gets to be here...MHXX, IF I HAD IT. Feels weird, I played a lot of great stuff, but the first two are the only ones to carve out a home in my mind.


Oh god, I actually want a Switch for MHXX since I've got friends that want to play it with me for once. Anyone know how to make $400 fast without selling vital organs? (tho I'd hope those are worth more than just $400 tbh) :P


*record scratch* *freeze frame* "Yep, that's me. You're probably wondering how I got into this situation."


I only listen to the largest music, accompanied by only the largest voices, as you can see here.


Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Noragami. So Laura Palmer decided to kidnap me, but Yato, Yukine, and Hiyori are coming to get me. I think I'll be okay, but uh....I don't think Laura needs more ghosts to deal with.


Been playing Toukiden 2 off and on all year, finally finished it. It was good. Feels like one of the more accessible games in the "Hunting" genre, but it needs to do more to differentiate itself. I hope T3 leaves behind handheld so we can get a larger map


Sword Coast Legends is on sale on Steam before it's de-listed. $6.59 for the deluxe edition, so if that's something any of you have been meaning to get, now's your last chance. I'm thinking about getting it, but I remember hearing it was pretty mediocre?


What Japanese stuff do y'all think would make for good Western adaptation material? Fate seems like a series you could use the premise of for lots of totally unique stuff and people wouldn't complain a whole lot about whether or not it's faithful


The Evil Within 2 is certainly interesting. If the first game was a roller coaster, this one's an entire theme park. I'm really surprised they've managed to keep the tension so high in an open world game.


I wish I understood Spotify's algorithms. Sometimes it's like; "Hey, you listened to QOTSA and Clutch? Well then you'll LOVE a playlist full of 10 minute songs about weed!" and other times they're...spot on.


I hope this means Porgs will be in Death Stranding.


I keep putting off playing through The Evil Within even though I really want to play the 2nd one. Maybe I should just skip ahead?


Beat Wolfenstein 2. Very annoying final encounter, but also a very satisfying ending. I wonder what MachineGames will do next? Hell, if they won't let Obsidian make another Fallout, I'd like to see what MG can do. Fuck it, let them make WET 2!


Great start to the day armed with the knowledge that I ate 317% of my DV in cholesterol in one meal


Y'all should definitely check this one out (and hopefully back it) if you're into isometric action games, good music, or just want to support emerging developers in new areas. (link to the kickstarter in comments)


Just finished Twin Peaks season 2 and uh...wow, I would've been pissed if that was all I'd gotten back then. On to the movie!


https://endesga.itch.io/nykra-demo So this game Nykra seems like it's going to be something really interesting. I don't really like the combat, and the control scheme is baaad, (controller wouldn't work) but the art and story is looking great


If you've ever thought "Hey, I wonder what a Nier/Drakengard soundtrack would sound like with rock influences?", I may have something you want to check out. Spotify's algorithms are usually pretty bad for me, but this was one hell of a lucky guess.


D e s t r u c t o i d


So, anyone want Project 1v1 Beta Keys? I'll put all the ones I got in the comments below.


I really hope a speedrunning community forms around Echo, the dialogue sections seem like they'd get in the way, but making sure the AI stays as dumb as possible so it won't get in the way seems like it could be fun to watch.


Why am I only just now hearing of this? D:< One of those times where if I had known about this just hours earlier, I would've bought this instead of what I did get (Xenoverse 2).


Oh hey, just Serah Shepard and Ezio Kreiss having a day at the beach, as assassins and N7 personnel are known to do.


I've only been playing XIII-2 for about an hour and it's been an emotional roller coaster. I'm confused as hell, but happy I can finally jump, the game crashes when you take screenshots, but thankfully, they added autosaving. What a time to be alive.


Well, I beat FF13. First one I've finished despite playing tons of them. That was one of the most draining endings I've experienced in a while just because of how many events they tried to shove into like 15 mins of gameplay/cutscenes.


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