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The Ultimate "Chase Game" (Or, Why I Wish I Could Make Games Myself)

When I found out at E3 that the next Need for Speed game, The Run, would be chase-oriented and feature on-foot sections, the internet seemed to collectively groan in response. I, on the other hand, was intrigued and excited by the idea of continuing the chase on foot at times. That is, until I learned that all of the on-foot sections would be handled by the dreaded Quick Time Event (OF DOOMTM). This, if you will, sucks. I really want to like the concept of this game, but the implementation of these sections has been handled so poorly that I can't truly get excited for it until I try it out for myself and see how it plays.

The reason I'm so bummed about this is that I, for one, would desperately love to have a full-on "Chase Game". This would see the player, for example--during a single "mission" or "level" or whatever design is chosen--sprinting through a crowded city street, dodging pedestrians and pursuers using simple-yet-fluid parkour mechanics. They then burst into a building, maybe some kind of department store, flinging themselves over counters and using racks of goods to create obstacles behind them. They flee the building into an alley and find a car or motorcycle just as their pursuers round a corner in their own vehicles. And then the chase continues.

It could be fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled action and pretty different from any other game on the market. But if developers start thinking, based on the (presumed, future) success of NFS: The Run, that QTEs can provide the same feeling, then I worry that I'll never get to play that game. And I don't have the coding skills to make such a game. In fact, I have barely enough computer knowledge to post this blog. But I'm positively bursting with game ideas that I would like to play but don't see in development. And I'm sure that I'm not the only person on this site in this position. I often wish that the barrier for entry into game development were easier to mantle. I guess this blog would be as good a place as any for me to write down the random game idea here or there.

Well, this blog post kind of wound down to nothing. Sorry about the anticlimax (not that anyone's reading, haha).
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American TV has its strengths, too. The [adult swim] line-up just keeps getting better and better. Futurama is the best thing to have ever happened. Love Archer and all of Adam Reed's other shows. Live action is also pretty great. Fringe is one of the best shows on TV right now. As a skeptic, I'm infatuated with Penn & Teller and their show Bullshit!. The Walking Dead was fantastic. And now I'm rambling. Gonna shut up now.
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