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Sound Test: Castlevania- Heart of Fire/Stage 5


Music is relative. It effects us in such a personal way that we can't possibly hope to describe the extent of that effect to anyone. It's why we are so protective (and sometimes even snobby) about it. Your personal taste in music will always be better to you than anyone else. So it's best to probably just accept that.

Here I will weekly (heh...) choose a piece of game music that I love and share it! Then talk about it. Not too complex, but I hope it's something you'll enjoy!

Castlevania- Heart of Fire/Stage 5

I haven't posted a blog in a while, I know. I'm back though! For how long? I'm not sure. I'm also back in school so my freetime is soon to become very limited. Be aware that whether I'm frequently posting blogs or not, I'm always visiting and prowling the site.

Anyway, this week's music comes from the Castlevania series. You knew it would be here eventually so I might as well get it out there. The Castlevania series is renown for having incredible music, but I must admit that I haven't always been a huge fan. Sure, I love the music, but it's techno-ish side has never really appealed to me. That and I haven't really been a raging fan (note: I said "raging" fan, I still love Castlevania) of the games themselves. Especially the newer ones. I enjoyed Circle of the Moon and Aria of Sorrow, but honestly? I hate backtracking and I had even less patience for it when I was a bit younger. I've always preferred the classic, linear Castlevanias of old.

So! When I heard about Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and it's much more linear gameplay, I squee'd with joy. I bought it with some of my Christmas money and I must say that it's probably my favorite Castlevania so far. It just seems to mix the best of the old with the best of the new. This also applies to the music. A couple of weeks ago, I discovered and item called "Record 5" and figured it was some sound test item or something. However, upon further inspection the item said that I could use it to customize the game's music! I used it, and what happened? The Stage 5 theme from the original NES Castlevania rang forth from my tiny DS. My eyes widened, my jaw dropped, and I think that my heart even skipped a beat or two.

For the next few days, my sole mission was to track down all 8 of the "Record" items in the game (one for each of the 8 songs in the original Castlevania), but song 5 has become my favorite, even above the stage 1 theme "Vampire Killler"! It was probably just the impact that the moment had on me, but it's certainly something that will remain in my mind for some time.

Please enjoy this classic tune, I hope to post more music from this great franchise soon.
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