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Game Run! 10/11/08- Mystical Ninja and Clash at Demonhead!


System: SNES
Store: Game Xchange
Price: $6.95

I played this game years ago and didn't really like it. I just... Didn't get it. It turned me off because something just felt off. Little did I know that it's because this game is really really REALLY Japanese. Like, it's about as Japanese as a game can get. However, after listen to RetroforceGO!'s Gomon episode, I decided to give it another shot and downloaded the rom. In light of everything they had said, and jsut the fact that I'm a lot older now, I understood the humor much better and realized how cool this game actually is. So after a long day of unsuccessful game-hunting, I was pleasantly surprised to find this game for just a good price.

If you haven't played the game... it's a... ummm... well... It's a beat em' up? that's kind of like Zelda? With mini-games. Except there's side-scrolling parts too and giant robots and uhhhh... I don't know. Just play it.

I didn't have an awesome run for much of the day. I found Dragon Warrior for 5 dollars at the flea market, but that's about it. And even then, I decided not to buy it. I'm glad I decided to check out Game Xchange at the last minute because I found two games that I've been looking for! I almost bought Star Tropics and Totally Rad for the NES, but I'll wait until another day for those. These will be plenty for now.
RUN RATING:***__(4/5 stars)
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Game Run!- Check out the exciting life of a poor retro gamer!
11/19/08- Batman(NES) and Power Blade
10/11/08- Mystical Ninja and Clash at Demonhead
10/10/08- MASSIVE update! NES and loads of games.
8/12/2008- Killer Instinct, TMNT:TF, Super Tennis
7/20/2008- Inindo, Wonderboy, Crusader of Centy
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