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Cross Promotion Fighters: Hurt or Help?

So now, apparently, Kratos, of God of War is a rumored character in Soul Calibur IV. In a game with Darth Vader, Yoda, and Darth Vader's Secret Apprentice already included, this is another SWEET shot in the AWESOME arm. So then I would a...


Sonic turned 17 today.

Or yesterday...depending on when and where you read this. I know you guys, (Sega) don't want to make a real Sonic game anymore. That's fine. I've accepted that. Just please don't muck up Unleashed too much. Please? For me? For ever...


Zombies are becoming a boring copout.

Zombies and nerds (like us) have a long and rich history. They show up to eat us, and we show up to eat up whatever it is they are promoting. (Zombie movies, games, internet memes, etc...) But don't get me wrong. I loved the classic zo...


Sequels to Cult Classic Games: Do NOT Want.

While rereading my previous blog, I started to think about what a possible sequel to Jet Set Radio would be like, and I came to the following conclusions: - It would be for the Nintendo Wii - You could use the remote for tagging. (By sha...


Make a movie about Jet Set Radio, already!

I am dead serious. Movie adaptations of videogames have been appearing more and more frequently as the years have gone on thanks to the rise of mainstream interest in our favorite medium. Of course, film producers normally look at sal...


MGS4: A Comment on Aging Movie Heroes?

I was having a discussion with a few friends about the upcoming release of Hideo's latest, when the we started talking about the past few years of movies. It seems that this is the era of the "Old Hero". (Or the "Former Glory Four". ) ...


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i made stairs.

it's weird to me when people call other people their screen names or user names in real life. so just call me conor.

and not only am i not proficient at photoshop, i don't even have a copy!

i enjoy (not) sleeping, playing bass guitar, not looking directly into people's eyes, orange chicken, and making non-pornographic short films.

Short films that I actually made! Woah!



Myspace is for the cool ones. games. amirite?

i guess you can call me an "art-fag" or "plot-fucker" or whatever the term is, because i enjoy games with a robust and (mostly) rewarding single player campaign. (that, and most of my friends play some multiplayer games i don't like, so i'm sort of in a pickle here.) i also like odd quirky titles and some rhythm games (like elite beat agents and parappa and so forth. not so much guitar hero anymore...)

i'm not tied down to any particular console, but if it has a metal gear solid game, a resident evil game, or a sonic game (yes...that sonic) then i'd most certainly RSVP. i'm also a fan of katamari, phoenix wright, metroid prime, sam & max, psychonauts, killer 7 and earthbound. although on occasion, i've been known to pop in teenage mutant ninja turtles IV and mortal kombat 3, just for kicks.


picking a favorite is like picking your children. it mostly comes down to which one is the sexiest.